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What Dr. Buff-up Offers to Dealerships

At Dr. Buff-up Auto Detailing, we understand how difficult it is for a dealership to maintain an in house detail department. From staffing issues to extreme cost variables, detailing cars on site can be such a headache. Let Dr. Buff-up do the work for you so you can wow your customers!  Every business and organization must focus on a core group of products and services that define who they are. As an auto dealership, selling, servicing, and repairing cars are definitely what make you a success. But what about washing and detailing cars?After talking with many General Managers, Sales Managers, and Service Managers they have all indicated that managing the detail department is frustrating because: 


  • Fixed cost for a variable service
  • High turnover, less professional worker
  • Artistic personality – visual thinkers do not mesh with the technical workforce of a dealership
  • Control of chemicals and equipment is time consuming and distracting
  • Performance is critical to the overall CSI

Making the choice to outsource to a private detail company (such as Dr. Buff-up Auto Detailing), we can eliminate these headaches while providing exceptional service! With our professional service, standards, processes, and ethics can we can simplify a basic process and if done correctly turn it into a strategic partnership – an auto detailing service that works.  By negotiating a per car price for each type of service, you take a fixed cost and make it variable. In addition, by pricing the make ready and sales delivery services into one price, you know exactly what investment you will have in a vehicle. You will know exactly what you are getting and exactly what it will cost. Here at Dr. Buff-up, we want things to be simple.  By choosing us, you end up with a depth of expertise and support for no extra cost. The cost of our services not only includes our amazing detail work, it includes your dealership placed on our website and  marketing through social media.  Part of the business of detailing and washing cars is that accidents will happen. By using Dr. Buff-up Auto Detailing the cost of any damages associated with detailing would be our responsibility. This will help reduce your out of pocket expenses and any deductible costs as well as reducing your insurance premiums.The real opportunity in outsourcing to Dr. Buff-up is that we are more than just a car wash.  We are a professional company that has over 20 years of experience and you will be proud to call us your partner. Our quality and knowledgeable expertise, professional location and equipment as well as attentive staff are sure to make you shine just as much as your detailed vehicles.  Our sources indicate that with focus and clear performance goals Dr. Buff-up can help improve CSI scores by providing new and pre-owned vehicles for customers that meet expectations. The most common reason for a low score on a survey is the car was not clean and presentable – from a car owner’s perspective. Let Dr. Buff-up change those scores and put a smile on your customers faces!  As a partner we realize that the first impression is what makes the customers happy.  With Dr. Buff-up we will offer services which you, the dealership, can mark up and gain additional revenues: odor removal, tint removal, headlight restoration, etc.  Overall, by outsourcing your auto detailing work to Dr. Buff-up and selecting us your strategic partner, you will be able to:

  • Move a fixed cost to a variable one
  • Simplify staffing headaches
  • Add services to expand customer offerings and profit dollars
  • Improve consistency of the detail quality

Dr. Buff-up Auto Detailing strives and will make sure that you the dealership and the customers are always happy.  Our partnership will WOW the customers!

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