Remote Starter Installations

Why Choose Dr. Buff-up for your Remote Starter Installation?


Why Choose Dr. Buff-up for your Remote Starter Installation?

Remote Starters, Automatic Car Starters or those Click Things that start your car...whatever you want to call them it doesn't matter.  Dr. Buff-up is  the place to go for quality remote car starter installations.  Dr. Buff-up has the experience to properly install one in your vehicle even if you have a manual shift.  Dr. Buff-up only installs the best products for quality and customer satisfaction.

With Remote Starters, Installation Quality is Key!

The most important part of a remote starter is the installation.  Today's vehicles are complicated and it is important that a trained technician installs your remote starter.  Transponder keys, factory anti-theft systems, and multiplexed door locks are just a few of the things that we have to be intimately familiar with.  Do not trust your neighbor or someone who says they are qualified to take care of your remote starter installation!  We have gone through proper training and have the backing of the best remote starter company in the world when we need technical assistance.  

Remote Starters and Your Vehicle's Warranty!

Having a remote starter installed DOES NOT VOID a vehicle warranty!  If your car dealer tells you that the installation of an after market will void your warranty they are wrong.  Our expertise with installation will not VOID any warranty.  All remote starters that we install come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

Remote Starter Installation

Unbelievable Convenience

A remote starter will allow you to stay indoors while your car warms up on those dark, bitter winter mornings or keep cool on those hot summer days!

Remote starters are useful, everyday tools that can save you time and make your life alot easier.

Enjoy the Good Things in Life - Get Your Remote Starter installed TODAY!  

Due to all vehicles being different and unique there is not one set price for the installation of remote starters.  Please contact me today for a quote and pricing on installation of your remote starter (starting at $199.00 installation included)

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